The Ossett and Gawthorpe Community Archive.


The Ossett and Gawthorpe Community Archive is mainly a collection of photographs of the people and places of Ossett and its neighbouring village of  Gawthorpe. At present it contains about 3,000 images.

The archive was started in the early part of the millennium and was created using Commanet software, a new system for photographic archives developed locally. The system is a “hard-drive” based system but once we had input reasonable number of records, the system providers arranged, at a cost, for its uploading and hosting on the internet. Unfortunately, after about five years, many of the user groups throughout the country who also had their archive on the Internet ran out of hosting and maintenance funding. Shortly afterwards the system providers  went into liquidation and since then we, and many other groups, have had to continue with just the original system. We try and give regular public demonstrations and have sold a few DVD’s.

For some time we have been trying to get the archive back on the Internet but we have been unable to find a commercial compatible system.  Systems that do not even have the same features were far too expensive for most Community Archive Groups, ourselves included. We have been very fortunate in finding another group trying to find a solution and they have got a volunteer who is now making good but slow progress designing a new compatible, Internet based system. We are at the “prototype” stage so hopefully we will be back online in the not too distant future.

Many of the images from our archive have been used to illustrate our “Yarn” project stories and to get them onto the Internet so that this can be done we have used our “sister WordPress page”, This web-page also contains a few articles that have not been included in the Yarn Project.


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